Greener Communities Competition 2019

June 12, 2019 0

New categories have been added to the 2019 Greener Communities Competition in line with the Climate Change Action Plan.  There may be 20 Awards in total but it depends on the number of applications. Awards – To be made locally, sourced from local materials, Sustainable materials to be used such as wood, stone, clay, image/ art.    Launch date is to be confirmed.

  1. Best Community Climate Change Project – Global Awareness, Efforts for behavioral change
  2. Best Community Waste Prevention Initiative
  3. Best Community Energy Conservation Initiative
  4. Best Community Water Conservation Initiative
  5. Best Community Marine Clean-up/ Waste Prevention Initiative
  6. Best Community Plastics Project / Recreation using marine litter & waste collected
  7. Best Community Re-use/ Refill Project
  8. Best Upcycling Project (Community/ Residential)– Fashion, Furniture, Cycle,
  9. Best “Adopt-a-Patch” Project, – Beach, Land area, River bank,
  10. Best Biodiversity Street corridor – Pollinator Window boxes/ Hanging baskets
  11. Best Biodiversity-Friendly Neighbourhood/ Corridor: Community participation, Biodiversity, Composting,
  12. Best Biodiversity-Friendly Faith Centre: Biodiversity, Composting, Waste Prevention,
  13. Best Community Garden/ Allotment – to include elements such as biodiversity areas, waste prevention, grass cycling, composting,
  14. Best Overall Project

Examples of Environmental Awareness initiatives

  1. Elimination of single-use items/ plastics – at community events, shops, cafés etc.
  2. Introduction of Re-fill bottle campaign – for water/ cold drinks
  3. Introduction of Re-usable cups campaign – for hot beverages
  4. Setting up of a ‘refill point’ for water bottles, this should have signage included
  5. Green Travel incentives – encouraging cycling, walking and car-pooling.
  6. Run an ‘Action Day’ Family Day with a’ take-home’ message – (e.g. stop food waste, bicycle-swap scheme, bicycle maintenance workshop, plastics)
  7. Create a slogan with a green theme that can be used in local community communications.
  8. Run a kids poster competition for environmental awareness
  9. Introduce or maintain a Biodiversity area
  10. Cease or limit mowing and spraying, plant pollen-rich flowers
  11. Increase awareness in your area of the benefits of pollen-rich plants

Protect existing sources of food and shelter for pollinators and wildflife

Such as flowering hedgerows (food), patches of wildflowers on waste ground (food), small wild areas with bramble/ivy (food), existing earth banks (shelter), dry stone walls (shelter).

Actions for Biodiversity – Stop Trying to Tidy Up the Countryside!!

  1. Mow Less
  2. Spray Less
  3. Plant More Pollen-rich flowers