Help Stamp Out Graffiti!

March 1, 2012 0

Balbriggan Community Policing Forum will promote different aspects of safety and crime over the next few weeks. This week they would like to raise awareness of the issue of Graffiti.

Graffiti on walls in our estates and town is a serious problem for the community. Graffiti is a crime under the Criminal Damage Act, 1991. Offenses can be reported to the Garda for investigation. Graffiti impacts negatively the value of community space and property. Graffiti makes people fearful of their own neighbourhoods.

Fingal County Council are responsible for the removal of graffiti damage on properties owned by themselves. In the case of private property the Operations Department of Fingal County Council provides support to Residents Associations and community groups in their endeavours to remove graffiti through the provision of cement-mix and brushes free of charge. The responsibility for the removal of graffiti from private property, including boundary walls of private households, lies with the property owner.

Should any Resident Associations wish to avail of support or advice from the Council, the Balbriggan/Swords Operational Unit can be contacted on 01-8905000.

What we can do:

Establish a neighbourhood watch group. Be serious about it. Make sure the neighbours know where the graffiti problem areas are so that if they see loitering persons they will know to call the Gardai.

Plant ivy that will obscure targeted walls over time. When the vandal has no surface he/she can’t paint.

Parents should take an interest in the activities of their children. Watch for graffiti on personal items and look for paint cans or large magic markers. Look at the graffiti in your neighbourhood and ask your children about it. Discuss with your kids how the appearance of graffiti trashes the neighbourhood in which you live.

If we remove the graffiti as soon as possible (IMMEDIATELY) then the thrill is gone, and we must do that repeatedly until the perpetrators get frustrated and leave the area alone. Any further information contact Louise Butler Balbriggan Community Policing Forum 086 7716811.