Help Stop Illegal Dumping

July 10, 2019 0

As you drive through Fingal you can’t but notice household and bulky waste being dumped along roadways and in isolated areas destroying our beautiful countryside. The Environment Section in Fingal County Council are currently involved in a number of anti-dumping campaigns to help raise awareness in relation to illegal dumping and illegal waste collectors (“Man in a Van”) which is a National Priority for 2019 under the Anti-Dumping initiative.

Illegal Waste Collectors medYou may have already seen the anti-dumping poster that is being advertised at bus shelters throughout Fingal and on Social Media as well as advertising sites such as Donedeal and Illegal waste collectors use social media and advertising sites to offer waste removal services with householders tempted by a cheap offer to dispose of waste which can then end up being dumped causing environmental pollution. The poster campaign targets the same sites and highlights the issue of illegal waste collectors and the risk to householders of a criminal conviction and court fine up to €5,000 if your waste is found dumped by the side of a road or in the countryside.

Fingal County Council has also produced a video clip highlighting the issue (see below) and this will run in three different cinemas within Fingal from now until Christmas. The video shows how waste handed over to unauthorised waste collectors ends up being dumped in the countryside instead of being brought to a licenced waste facility for recovery/disposal. If someone offers to take your waste for a bargain price ask to see their ID and their waste collection permit number.

Check if they are an authorised waste collector through the National Waste Collection Permit Office (NWCPO) at (Permit Search Tab – Advanced Search Option). If they’re not on the list then they’re not authorised to collect waste.

Enda Hoey, Senior Executive Scientist, Fingal County Council said “Education and awareness is the key to success in order to tackle illegal dumping. This is why we are using these innovative methods in our campaign to ensure that the message reaches a wide audience. We all have a responsibility to manage our waste and to protect the environment for future generations“.

If you have any queries or to report unauthorised waste collectors or dumping contact or telephone 1 800 201093.

When Fingal are made aware of a dumping incident the Litter Section search the rubbish and frequently find evidence to link the waste to a person/householder. The person then receives a statutory €150 litter fine for breach of the Litter Pollution Act 1997 or a court appearance, a criminal conviction and a maximum fine of up to €3,000.

If you have bulky items to get rid of bring them to your local recycling centre (Coolmine Recycling Centre and Estuary Recycling Centre) for recovery/disposal. Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), clothes, paper, plastic bottles, packaging and glass can be recycled free of charge. Your waste is still a valuable resource if segregated and disposed of correctly.

Illegal Waste Collectors