Jigsaw North Fingal Youth Mental Health Awareness Event

April 19, 2017 0

Jigsaw North Fingal, is the local service, of Jigsaw the National Centre for Youth Mental Health, that works towards a vision and culture where young people are connected to their community and have the resilience to face challenges to their mental health.  A considerable part of the work of Jigsaw is to promote and encourage conversations about youth mental health at all levels of society. Many of those conversations begin with the raising of awareness that we all have mental health, so we need to understand what that means and how we can support and promote good mental health.

JIGSAW_north_fingalJigsaw North Fingal organised a youth mental health awareness event in Swords on Thursday 6th April. The event was supported by members of a Jigsaw development group including Fingal County Council, Crosscare Youth Service, North Dublin Regional Drugs and Alcohol Task Force, CAMHS, CYPSC, and School Completion Programmes.

The event was in two parts. The first was a gathering of young people from the secondary schools in the Swords area, elected representatives, council staff, youth and mental health agency staff, and supportive adults, in the Atrium of County Hall. The event presented talks from Jigsaw staff, including Sarah Cullinan Jigsaw National Programme Director, Councillor Darragh Butler Fingal Mayor, inputs on building and supporting mental health and entertainment provided by Fingal Community College and Loreto College. The central message of the event, is the fact that we all have mental health, and we have a personal and collective role in supporting and minding our mental health. An input at the event suggested ways that we can strengthen and support our own mental health, through the Jigsaw promoted programme “5-a-day, for your mental health”.

The second part of the event was a 5K run /walk in Balaheary Park. This drew on a number of the 5-a-day recommendations including, “connect, be active, and take part”. So the young people headed to the park for the run that facilitated them to connect with other young people and a few brave adults who had a go at the 5K run. Taking part in the run makes the link between being physically active and good mental health, and also supports good mental health through involvement with groups of people with similar interests.

The event proved to be very enjoyable for all those who participated, and goes towards the ongoing work of Jigsaw to promote and support good mental health for young people, families and communities in North Fingal. Information about youth mental health, and how to access Jigsaw can be found on the Jigsaw website, www.jigsaw.ie