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Dance Arts Pilates Centre

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  • Address: Unit 3 Railway Street, Balbriggan
  • Telephone Number: 0876206372


Pilates Classes: Achieve a stronger core, leaner muscles , better posture and overall body toning with a gentle yet effective Mat workout suitable for all fitness levels!

  • Tuesdays: 7-8pm Flemington Community Centre  from 7th of January with introductory class
  • Thursdays: 8-9pm, Dance arts Pilates, Railway St.
  • Saturdays: 9-10am Dance Arts Pilates, Railway St.

Zumba/Dance Fitness

Loose up to 800 calories per class with an effective and Dance Fitness cardio programme! Never get bored as songs and moves change regularly! No previous dance experience required! Just drop in!

  • Tuesdays 8-9pm Flemington Community Centre from 7th of January with Introductory class.

Aeroyoga & AeroPilates

Decompress your spine, relieve joint pain & gain muscle strength using a mix of Mat and Hammock exercises

  • Thursdays 7-8pm Dance Arts Pilates, Railway street from Thursday 16th of January.
  • Saturdays 10-11 am

Salsa Dancing

Whether you are a beginner or an experience dancer, come and join us for some hot cuban salsa dancing.

  • Wednesdays 8.15-9.15pm, 6 week course from Wednesday 15th of January.

Contemporary Dance Kids

  • Fridays from 10th of January, 6-7pm