Local Green TD and Junior Minister backs residents calls for redesign of cycleway

August 11, 2020 0

Local Green Party TD and Junior Minister for Community Development and Charities Joe O’Brien has backed Balbriggan residents calls for a redesign of the proposed cycleway on Harry Reynolds Road. Speaking after inspecting the site with residents Minister O’Brien stated:

I think there is enormous potential for Balbriggan to be a very cycle friendly town which will help make it an even better place to live. Harry Reynolds Road will be key in this regard and I think its vital that the Council gets this right. We have seen with the Our Balbriggan strategy that early consultation with the community works well and leads to good community buy in. We need to continually strive for this approach in all the Council’s operations and plans for the town otherwise the Our Balbriggan strategy will not be successful in the long term. Significant issues have now been flagged by the community in relation to the initial plans for the cycle lanes on Harry Reynolds Road. Key among these is the number of trees that are being proposed for felling. So many of these mature trees add so much to the sense of place and character of the town it would simply be wrong to knock them all. I am asking the Council to give very serious consideration to the alternative route proposed by the community which can facilitate retention of the mature trees and see the cycleway progress.

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