Make Our Area A Dementia Friendly Community

May 8, 2014 0

I am calling on all Fingal Local Election Candidates to commit to the Make Our Area a Dementia Friendly Community initiative by Supporting The local Alzheimer Society Services and

  • Raise the awareness of dementia
  • Ensure the voice of people with Dementia is heard
  • Includi people with Dementia in our activities
  • Recognise their needs and the needs of their carers
  • Respond to needs of people with younger onset dementia

I doubt very much if there is a single family in Fingal untouched by dementia in some shape or form. I have studied in the field of assistive technology for people with disabilities and can confirm that enough is not being done to help the sufferers of dementia remain in their family environment therefore giving them a better quality of life.

Finance is not the only need of the Alzheimer Society they also need awareness. One of the simplest things that can help someone with dementia is a large telephone. Replace the digits with pictures of the family and preset the fix dial. The result is that the person with the dementia may not recall the telephone number or the name of the person they want to speak to but they usually remember the face.

So please commit to support this campaign

~ Cllr Frank Snowe ~