Modular/rapid build homes in Balbriggan still under construction!

May 8, 2018 0

Nearly two years on, the rapid build homes in Pinewood in Balbriggan still have no residents.  The original plan announced in December 2015 proposed to build 40 homes but this was later stalled after it was sent back to the drawing board by local Councillors on the Balbriggan/Swords Area Committee who voted the proposal down following loud opposition to the project from locals who petitioned the council in large numbers on the issue.

The plans were redrawn to reduce the number to 24 and was voted in on 12th September 2016. On 17th August 2016 members of Pinewood Residents association visited the Fingal County Council offices in Swords where they handed in 743 submissions in total with regards to the proposed 24 rapid build homes adjacent to Pinewood Green Court. 

€4.5 million was approved back in December 2016 for these 24 homes, however, the issue of rapid build homes has certainly gone quite despite the homeless rate continuing to rise and rents climbing at an extortionate rate…  It remains to be seen when these homes will finally be occupied given that the homes were deemed to be ‘rapid’ builds.

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