Money Mules Presentation to Schools in the Balbriggan Garda District

April 22, 2021 0

A new local Garda initiative has been set up to explain to teenagers in local schools of being a money mule. A money mule is a person who allows their bank account to be used by criminals to launder money through their bank account for a small commission. This is an increasing problem in the locality and countrywide. Garda Maurice Cunningham of Skerries Garda Station designed a school presentation aimed at teenagers to address a growing concern in relation to the issue which will be rolled out by the Community Policing Team in the Balbriggan District.

money laundering guidance docThe phenomena of money mules had been in the country for a time. A money mule is someone who receives money from a third party into their bank account, whether directly or indirectly, and transfers it to another one or takes it out in cash and gives it to someone else, obtaining a commission for it.

There have been a number of incidents under investigation concerning adult offenders, approximately eighteen months ago the Gardai could see it slowly creeping into the local Garda District (which includes Balbriggan, Skerries, Lusk, Rush and the wider Garristown area of North Dublin, which is led by Superintendent Paul Franey) with regard to children being recruited to allow their bank accounts to be used for monies obtained fraudulently.

From investigations, Gardai could see that often these children were naïve or ignorant to the fact that they were committing a criminal offence. The modus operandi of recruitment could also be seen which mainly included being either approached by a person known to them face to face or by social media e.g. snap chat / Instagram.  In most circumstances, our suspects received a cash payment for the use of their account.   However, what they were not aware of is that this type of criminality comes with a maximum of a fourteen year prison term.

If you are Money Muling, you are involved in money laundering and if you are involved in money laundering you are involved in criminality

The first time the suspect’s parents become aware of their child’s involvement in this type of crime is when the Gardaí come to speak to them and the child.  This could also involve a search of the house and an arrest. The consequences include not being able to obtain a bank account in the future and unable to travel to certain parts of the world.