Murphy – Does Balbriggan Always Have to Satisfy Fingal’s Need for Social Housing?

April 14, 2014 0

Public Representative, Tony Murphy, challenges Fingal County Council to review its policy of providing planning permission for houses that are designed to satisfy the Council’s need for Social Housing. While recognising the need to provide social housing for local people, the current proposal to build more social housing units in Balbriggan for the general Fingal population is flawed and does not support the development of a well balanced community.

Cllr Tony Murphy

Cllr Tony Murphy

“Balbriggan has a disproportionate percentage of social housing relative to the rest of Fingal” says Murphy. “Its time to call a halt to the Council’s indiscriminate plans to use Balbriggan to resolve a countywide problem”.

“What is required in Balbriggan is approval for 4/5 reasonably priced bed semi and detached houses, as there are none currently available in the town. This would allow existing residents of 2/3 bedrooms units whose families have outgrown their current houses to upgrade without having to leave the community.

The Council could facilitate the step up to larger units through the introduction of a grant scheme for people currently living in social housing whose needs require larger units” says Murphy, who is running as an independent candidate in the Fingal Local elections on 23rd May next.

Tony Murphy outlined the advantages of such a scheme:

  • Create employment when building the new 4/5 bed houses
  • Stimulate the economy of Balbriggan
  • Re-balance the private/social housing mix in Balbriggan
  • Promote a stable community and reduce the need for residents to move to other towns to satisfy their housing needs and allow them keep their children in their local schools and clubs.

“I believe that Balbriggan can become a model for communities where the needs of all residents are considered when planning decisions are being made” stated Murphy.