Murphy says Enough is Enough

December 12, 2015 0

In a statement issued in response to Fingal County Council’s proposal to place 40 modular housing units in Balbriggan to relieve the housing crisis General Election Candidate Cllr. Tony Murphy said that this proposal is so wrong on so many levels that it is unbelievable that the Council would even contemplate it.


Cllr Tony Murphy – Independent

“The area of the town identified by Fingal County Council has already its fair share of social housing and community issues. It is grossly unjust to consider increasing the amount of social housing in the area” said Councillor Murphy.

“The people of Balbriggan need to have their voices heard on this issue and I am calling on everybody to express their views in a way that will be clear to Fingal County Council that this is not acceptable. We need to stop this proposal as it is unjust, immoral and inappropriate for the area” he said.

“I intend to fight this plan in the Council Chamber because it is wrong. The proposed introduction of modular housing into Balbriggan is a reflection on the attitude of Fingal County Council towards the people of this area. Balbriggan has over many years been on the receiving end of an unfair proportion of Fingal’s social housing allocation. This was done, in part, to accommodate the construction of higher value houses in the Malahide’s area. This treatment of Balbriggan and its people must stop” said Councillor Murphy.

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