New business launched which offers online custom interactive maps

September 13, 2018 0

A great new business which offers online custom interactive maps has been has been launched in Balbriggan.  The brainchild of John Gallagher MyMap offers customised maps which can display unlimited levels of detail.  The information on the maps can be easily modified and updated to reflect changing business requirements.

MyMap-LogoWhether it is a shopping centre, a museum, a housing development or an exhibition, an interactive map makes it extremely easy for your visitors to explore and find what is of interest to them.  Forget printing costs, as the maps are immediately available online. This means visitors to your event or public space only need their mobile phones to find what is of interest to them.

Interactive maps allow you to show a wide variety of images, plans and drawings. The user can interact with the map at their discretion, and is able to access additional information, which is not available when using a traditional paper map.

We wish John the very best of luck with this exciting new business venture, so let’s get behind John and help to spread the word…

For further information on MyMap check out our Businesses page