Bressie @ Home Nightclub, Balbriggan

0 April 7, 2012

Voice of Ireland coach Bressie showcased his DJ skills in Home Nightclub Balbriggan to a packed crowd on Saturday 7th April 2012. The music was rocking but Bressie left his team at home as he knew the Bookies favourite for The Voice of Ireland (more…)


Fossett’s Circus Competition Winners

0 April 2, 2012

This evening we headed out to give the tickets for Fossett’s Circus to the winners of our competition. Once again we would like to thank Fossett’s Circus for their kind gesture in sharing tickets with readers. (more…)


The Sky’s the Limit for Two Balbriggan Pilots

0 April 2, 2012

While out and about in Balbriggan this evening , we came across two model aircraft pilots flying their planes. These guys certainly know a thing or two about flying as demonstrated by their flying abilities. We could have stayed and watched for hours however with darkness starting to fall and the cold setting in it was time to head off. (more…)


Red Island in Skerries Lit up in Remembrance of Ronan & David

0 April 1, 2012

On Saturday, March 31, the anniversary of the eve before Ronan and David were reported missing out of Skerries harbour, Red Island was lit up in remembrance of the two men; in solidarity with their wives and families; and to salute the brave voluntary organisations that helped search between April 1 to April 8 and who ultimately brought them home. (more…)