Balbriggan Town Council Newsletter Summer 2012

0 August 3, 2012

The latest edition of the Balbriggan Town Council newsletter is now available in electronic format. Hard copies will be available in various locations throughout the town in the coming days. The Balbriggan Town Council have decided not to do a 7,000 print run and deliver to every door on the basis of cost, most people have “no junk mail” notices on their doors and also due to the massive amount of people who look at the community website. (more…)


O’Dwyers GAA Junior Summer Camp

0 August 1, 2012

O’Dwyers GAA Junior Summer Camp is taking place this week and we were there to capture some of the stars of the future. A great week for these young players to hone their skills on the pitch… A very enjoyable week and a chance for these young players to use up some of their endless energy! (more…)


Pleasant August Evening in Balbriggan!

0 August 1, 2012

This evening turned out to be lovely in Balbriggan. With the tide nearly full in and the water really calm it is just what you’d expect of an August evening….here’s hoping it’s the start of some really overdue nice weather! (more…)


Facebox Promotions “BAND NIGHT”in Balbriggan

0 July 30, 2012

Paul Mullen from Facebox Promotions ran a Band Night at the Combined Clubs in Balbriggan on Sunday 29th July 2012. The Band Night allowed up and coming young bands – Jaded Outset, Lifeline, The Legs, The Ladz and Sailing Stones – a chance to strut their stuff on stage. (more…)