Fingal Down Under…

0 February 7, 2011

Peter Baxter has just returned from a trip down under where he passed through Fingal in Tasmania and very kindly shared some photos with us. Have you managed to come across names of streets, towns or anything that connects with Fingal, Balbriggan, etc. (more…)


High Tide in Balbriggan

0 February 6, 2011

The evenings are starting to get a little longer and with the rising temperatures, there is definitely a feeling of spring in the air. The storm on Friday caused some damage and the heavy rainfall really saturated the fields. (more…)


Balscadden Senior Citizens Christmas Party – Jan 2011

0 January 10, 2011

Balscadden Senior Citizens Christmas Party took place in Jan 2011 and about 65 senior citizens attended. Father Eugene and Clr David O’Connor both sang and told jokes and everyone had a great night and a great sing song. The Committee put on a fabulous spread of food and everyone went home with a present or two. (more…)


More snow….. 1st December 2010

0 December 1, 2010

Well someone asked on our facebook page did Balbriggan ever get real snow and the saying ‘be careful what you wish for’ springs to mind. David Brangan from the team was brave enough to venture out to get some photos yesterday, fair play David! (more…)


Snow in Balbriggan

0 November 29, 2010

Yes, it has started early this year – the snow started to fall late on Saturday 27th November and on Sunday morning we took a spin out to see the wonderful scene that it left behind. According to Met Eireann the cold snap will last for the rest of the week (more…)

Joan Fitzgerald

Happy 80th Birthday Joan..

0 November 10, 2010

Joan Fitzgerald celebrated her 80th birthday on the 10th November 2010 and had party in the Milestone Inn on Friday 5th November 2010. A large crowd which consisted of current friends, old friends and family turned out on the night to help her celebrate. (more…)


450 Jobs Set to be Created in Balbriggan

0 July 20, 2010

450 jobs will be created at the new Millfield Shopping Centre when it opens its doors in spring 2011 in Balbriggan. The center which has been redesigned as a ‘convenience-led’ development is set to transform shopping in the north Fingal capital, while forging strong links with surrounding towns and villages. (more…)