North County Dublin Garda Update

July 22, 2015 0

No newly graduated Garda recruits will be posted for North County Dublin. The Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Dublin, Senator Darragh O’Brien, has demanded an explanation from the Justice Minister after it emerged that none of the newly graduated garda recruits will be posted to North County Dublin.

Senator Darragh O'Brien

Senator Darragh O’Brien

Senator O’Brien has expressed outrage at the news that the entire Dublin Metropolitan North Region, which has lost 152 gardaí under this Government, will get just 5 new garda recruits – who will all be posted at Ballymun Garda Station.

It has been confirmed that Coolock, Malahide, Swords, Balbriggan, Garristown, Lusk, Skerries, Howth, Raheny and Clontarf stations will not get any new gardaí, despite the increase in crime levels locally since garda numbers were slashed.

“This is a disgrace. North Dublin communities have been forced to endure a disproportionate level cuts to garda numbers over the past four years. Rush Garda Station was shut down, Malahide Garda Station was downgraded and garda numbers in the district were cut by 20%. That equates to a loss of 152 gardaí in north Dublin alone since 2011.

“Fine Gael tried to excuse this by eventually agreeing to recruit an additional 200 gardaí nationally. I always said this was far too little, given the extent of the cuts to community garda resources and the corresponding surge in burglaries, thefts, drug related crime and anti-social behaviour. But now to learn that just 5 of these recruits will be stationed in north Dublin, and none whatsoever in the north county, adds insult to injury.

“It makes a complete mockery of the Government’s spin over the addition of new garda cars to the Dublin fleet. What is the point of additional garda vehicles if there are no gardaí to drive them? The gardaí’s ability to do their job has been severely undermined and despite going above and beyond the call of duty every day, they simply do not have the capacity to maintain the level of presence in our communities that is so desperately needed.

“These latest figures prove that policing in Dublin, and the safety of Dublin communities, is clearly not a priority for this Government. Adding a few extra cars is a weak attempt to stick a plaster over a gaping wound. What we need is a reversal of the cuts to our local garda resources and more gardaí out in our communities.”