Not a Sight for Shore Eyes

February 26, 2012 0

Here is an email we received from Cllr Frank Snowe regarding conditions down at Balbriggan harbour… Here are a few of the pictures I took at the Harbour over this weekend. It really and truly breaks my heart when I see this heap of junk blocking the view of our lighthouse. Nowhere else would you see a rubbish heap allowed so close to an Icon like our lighthouse. Would Dublin County Council park a skip beside the Spike – I doubt it. If a few caravans were parked outside the Fingal County Council offices in Swords – they would have them shifted very quickly.

I know that FCC was attempting to have it removed but the last report I received back informs me the boat is no longer seaworthy. This leaves us with a bigger problem and I am not sure what will happen or how many years it will take to have it sorted. If we are stuck with it while legal proceedings are going on, I don’t see why it cannot have its decks cleared and be moved to a less conspicuous part of the harbour.

We were in the middle of celebrating the removal of the previous wrecks when the Portisham arrived. Unfortunately the money will not be available to remove another wreck.

Cllr Frank Snowe