People with mobility issues have to give 4 hours’ advance notice if they intend to travel with Irish Rail

May 10, 2017 0

Cllr Murphy has been informed at a full meeting of Fingal County Council that people with mobility issues now have to give 4 hours’ advance notice that they intend to travel with Irish Rail (as opposed to 24 hours’ notices needed previously). This policy has come about on foot of the consideration that there are at certain times unmanned stations on the Dublin to Belfast line.

Cllr Tony Murphy

Cllr Tony Murphy

Cllr Murphy says: while the time needed to give notice has improved, it is unacceptable to expect passengers to know in advance if the public lift in their train station is working or not.  There could be a sudden mechanical failure or incident of vandalism.  I feel that there is absolutely no reason why Irish Rail could not have a contract with a local taxi firm in order to facilitate people with mobility issues who may find themselves stranded in train stations because of an unexpected platform lift failure.

I appreciate that there can be random mechanical failure, however, Irish Rail need to make provisions for all their customers who are entitled to travel on time to their chosen destination.