Pollinator friendly beginnings at Balbriggan railway station

March 31, 2021 0

Over several years many local groups have planted in this garden including preschool groups and Youthreach young adults. The work has been supported and part-funded by Balbriggan Tidy Towns. Local artistic volunteers have contributed the large Bee mural and two unique bee planters repurposed from old tyres.

More recently Balbriggan Tidy Towns has added a dedicated band of garden and planting sites in the town, maintained by the Balbriggan Tidy Garden Group. The Railway Bank garden gets the most attention and due to its size, it is the flagship for Bee friendly, pollinator trials and learning in Balbriggan. At least one volunteer is there 4 times per week.

beeMany bee-friendly plants are identified by the colourful painted stones. The garden also features a bee hydration unit, consisting of a shallow bowl, filled with water and coloured marbles to allow bees to rest easy, as they drink. Many plants, cuttings and bulbs have been donated.

The local coffee van,  Java the Hut has brought more people to the Train Station car park and more people enjoying daily walks have stumbled upon its flowering beauty and sat on the small wall beside the flowers. Throughout the year, they can see some flowers in bloom. A local artist has quite recently added to this colourful community site by providing leatherback turtles made from old footballs bringing additional joy to many children.

This Railway bank garden site at Balbriggan train station embraces many aspects of cooperation and cohesion. Visited and enjoyed by many local residents and visitors, it is a flagship of a united effort to make for a better and pollinator-friendly Balbriggan.