Quinn welcomes free public Wifi scheme in Balbriggan

June 19, 2018 0

Cllr Malachy Quinn (SF) has welcomed the news that free public WIFI will be rolled out in Balbriggan , This follows confirmation from Fingal County Council, that they have been in discussion with Magnet Networks with regard to the role out of a free public WiFi scheme in the town.

Cllr Malachy Quinn

Cllr Malachy Quinn

Cllr Quinn stated “In March 2017, I had made contact with my Sinn Féin party colleague, MEP for Ireland South Liadh Ní Riada, with the view to facilitating the creation of WiFi hubs in towns and villages across Fingal. I had also raised this at council level with a very positive response.

Cllr Quinn, who has been working closely with his European colleague has said that it would “help bring connectivity and investment to rural & urban Balbriggan”

Cllr stated “This Wifi scheme provides endless possibilities to the community of Balbriggan, . One of the key initial asks from Magnet is that contact be established with all relevant stakeholders, so they can begin to engage with business & the community to develop locations for the installation of beacons. They will engage with each business on a case by case basis and agree terms for installation.”

I have been in contact with Fingal County Council over the last 2 years to encourage this development in Balbriggan, such a development as this will benefit the local small & medium businesses within Balbriggan”
Cllr Quinn said

“This is an important project for Balbriggan and I now urge all communities without this type of infrastructure to keep an eye on the scheme and avail of it when it is rolled out in other areas”

“The basic premise of this scheme is that we equip as many towns and villages as possible with free wireless internet access, centred on the main centres of public life in our towns & villages”

“ In 2017, I felt it was important that special consideration was given to rural and peripheral areas of Fingal, particularly those suffering from a lack of internet access, the roll of this scheme can only address this issue positively”

“This scheme will bear huge benefits for peripheral communities, allowing local social enterprises access to a global market is crucial in today’s economy.  These are the back bone to local economies and any imitative which benefits our young people in particular and helps them to stay in Ireland has to be welcomed.

“It will be used to promote things like health and e-tourism; the scheme is only as limited as the imagination of the communities it will benefit.

Cllr Quinn concluded “Proposals like this for the town of Balbriggan will socially as well as economically benefit all concerned & comes as a larger undertaken is underway by the council to meet the challenges of the youngest town on the Island”