Reimagine Rockabill

January 18, 2019 0

Patricia Langon has launched a new website called Reimagine Rockabill. Rockabill is a group of two islands, “The Rock” and “The Bill”, lying in the western Irish Sea about 6 kilometres east-north-east of Skerries. The larger island is home to the Rockabill Lighthouse which is owned by the Commissioners of Irish Lights and is a Refuge for Fauna and a Special Protection Area under the European Union Birds Directive.

rockabill lighthouseSince 1989, when the protection afforded by the lighthouse keepers ceased, the islands have been managed by BirdWatch Ireland.

In February 2018 Patricia read a book about women and their connection with landscape. This book sent her on a Journey to finding the ancient story of Rockabill Island. Patricia’s  website has a wealth of information about the island including archaeology, astronomy, mythology.

Check out the website at