Remember Us Cool Gang are Streetwise!

July 20, 2011 0

Remember Us Special Needs Group ‘Cool Gang’ visited Balbriggan Garda Station on Wednesday 20th July, where they completed the final section of the Garda Streetwise Programme. The young people were also presented with their Certificates of Merit for completing the programme.

The course was delivered to the Cool Gang, who are aged 14 years plus, by Garda Dave Sheeran and Garda Kate Daly Ní Bhroin. The programme consisted of an exploration of the role of the Garda Siochana in Irish society and how to identify a Garda, to help the young people to develop awareness of the concept of a crime and its consequences, how to exercise greater vigilance in terms of their own safety at home and out in the community and to be effective in accessing emergency services as appropriate as well as an overview of the prosecution process and to see at first hand what happens within a Garda station.

The course was interactive and gave the young people the opportunity to contribute to discussions and ask questions. The Cool Gang were also fortunate enough to visit the Bridewell Court, the Fingerprint Unit in Garda HQ and Balbriggan Garda Station, to see themselves and gain practical experience relating to what they had learned during the Streetwise Programme.

Remember Us wish to extend their sincere gratitude Garda Dave Sheeran and Garda Kate Daly Ní Bhroin for this very enjoyable experience.

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