Replacement Lighthouse Dome arrives in Balbriggan

September 18, 2018 0

Updated: Check out the moment when the dome is placed back on top of the lighthouse in Balbriggan.  The high winds didn’t stop the work going ahead and a nice surprise was the rainbow which can be seen in the background of the video. It’s great to see it finally being replaced bringing the lighthouse back to it’s former glory.  

17-Sep-18: The long awaited replacement dome for Balbriggan Lighthouse has finally arrived in the harbour.  The original dome was removed due to corrosion in the 1960’s and after much delay the work has finally started.

Cllr Murphy and Cllr Maguire welcome the start of many infrastructural changes and investment in Balbriggan by Fingal County Council.

Today we can see the new dome for the lighthouse landed on the south pier for repositioning on Tuesday morning. This marks a  new era for Balbriggan and we will now begin to see many deliverables that have been requested from the people by the local Councillors.