Representatives from the North Dublin Regional Drug & Alcohol Task Force and the HSE visit the soon to be launched Balbriggan Inclusion hub.

June 12, 2020 0

The last couple of years has seen an increased focus in Balbriggan to enhance the community and bring badly needed services into the area. Today is no different as representatives from the North Dublin Regional Drug & Alcohol Task Force and the HSE visited the soon to be launched Balbriggan Inclusion hub.

This is the latest development by the Task Force with support from the HSE. Cllr Tony Murphy who chairs the Balbriggan SÁMH (Substance Abuse & Mental Health) group was very upbeat about the development.

This is a very exciting time for Balbriggan. This hub will see a range of services working together to meet the needs of the community. We are particularly excited to see the introduction of the Youth intervention team and the SAMH youth counselling. With one of the youngest populations in the state this is hugely important.

Darragh O’Brien TD and chair of the Task Force was very proud of this development

Not only will we have dedicated supports for young people in the area but having this central hub will mean we can provide family support and inclusion case work for other vulnerable members of the community.

The Task Force has invested significant funding in the fantastic youth drug intervention team in Crossare who will also provide services from the hub when it safe to see clients on site. The HSE under Donal Cassidy, General Manager, Social Inclusion in CHO-9 has supported us from the beginning and there are plans to expand the team to provide enhanced case management. Our Coordinator, Brid Walsh the operational lead for the task force, was very keen to ensure that the key focus is on integrated care and partnership to better meet the needs of the local community in Balbriggan.

While we hope to have a formal launch down the line when COVID-19 restrictions loosen up, for now we remain absolutely committed to improving services for Balbriggan and surrounding areas and this is the first step in our focussed efforts to do just that

enthused Darragh O’Brien. This sentiment was echoed by Cllr Tony Murphy a member of the Task Force for several years who acknowledged the great collaboration at taskforce level noting

We can achieve so much when we work together and put the needs of the community first.

The North Dublin Regional DATF continues to invest a huge proportion of its budget in services for young people and families in North County Dublin.

we as a Task Force along with our partners the HSE are fully supportive of ‘our Balbriggan’. This is just another example of us putting that commitment in action

remarked O’Brien