Residents meet to discuss plans for 40 modular homes in Balbriggan

January 12, 2016 0

Under Government plans to build 500 modular units for temporary accommodation across Dublin, Fingal County Council are required to build up to 100 of the temporary structures. At a public meeting last night in the Order of Malta Hall on Hampton street residents said that Balbriggan should not have to take almost half of that allocation of the entire Fingal region.

The meeting was chaired by Chairman of Pinewood Residents association Joe McArdle, Alice Davis Balbriggan Community Council and Deirdre Hand Secretary of Pinewood Green Residents Association.

Locals are concerned about access to the site and the impact of construction traffic during the build. Services, such as schools and doctors are already at breaking point the residents are concerned at the impact additional housing in this particular area would have when children who already live in the area can’t attend schools on their doorsteps.

At the meeting it was agreed that a public rally to gather support  would be planned and residents were encouraged to submit an objection either online or in writing – details on where to submit your objection are available on this page

Alice Davis chair of the Balbriggan Community Council said that the residents are not opposed to housing homeless families in the area.  “We’ve made it quite clear that we’re not objecting to anybody getting a home. We want them to have a proper home but also that if they have a home in Balbriggan that they have the services and the space they

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