Roundtable discussion on Medicinal Cannabis in Ireland

October 13, 2018 0

Following on from the success of their discussion on Universal Basic Income, The Fingal Branch of the Social Democrats has invited Uplift campaigner Roderick Campbell to come to speak at its monthly Roundtable Open Meeting in the Tartan Larder Café on Main Street, Swords on Sunday 21st October at 11.30.

Roderick Campbell has been a long-time advocate of the legalisation of medical cannabis and although the use of cannabis for medical purposes has been legal for nearly two years, major obstacles remain that prevent people from accessing cannabis to legally use in a medical setting.

The focus of the discussion will be on what those challenges are, why they are there and does more need to be done to overcome them. The painful story of Vera Twomey’s plight, like many others, indicate that something needs to be done.

This Roundtable Open Meeting is one of a series of meetings that the Fingal Branch of the Social Democrats organise to examine a wide range of potentially complex topics in an open and constructive way.

Previously we have covered the topics of: Repealing vs. Amending the 8th Amendment, Friends of the Earth Alternative Economic Policy, the background to the Syrian conflict and Universal Basic Income.