Ryan Calls for Government fund to repair secondary roads

April 25, 2018 0

Brendan Ryan, Labour Party spokesperson for Transport, has called on Minister for Transport Shane Ross to establish a fund to allow Local Authorities repair and remediate secondary roads which are in a chronic state of disrepair. This comes from a report from the National Oversight and Audit Commission for Local Authorities which indicated that 12,200km of secondary roads in the State require immediate repair.


Brendan Ryan TD

Ryan “The Report from the National Oversight and Audit Commission indicates nothing short off a pothole crisis in this country. I know people will say potholes are a matter for the Council and the councillors and that is true in one instance. But when the problem is so widespread on a national scale and the Council’s are so starved of money that they cannot afford to fix these problems, then it is most definitely a matter for the Government. The Commission indicates that 4% of Fingal’s secondary roads were in need of restoration works. Fingal is the biggest local authority in Dublin with a large rural area. Every town in Fingal is connected by secondary roads. Our large population base are heavy users of secondary roads, probably more so than any other local authority in Dublin. We have a large farming and growing industry in Fingal which necessitates large Heavy Goods Vehicles to use these roads regularly. These roads are under duress so they need investment. “

Ryan “We need to set up an emergency fund, in this year’s Budget for allocation to local Authorities throughout the country to perform long term remediation and repair works on secondary roads. The Minister did indicate that incremental increases are planned in the Budget to repair roads but it is not the level or amount that is required. Meanwhile the Council’s will have to continue to patch potholes as they occur within their existing resources knowing that any future freak weather events such like Storm Emma could undo all their work in a very short space of time”