The Sack of Balbriggan – A Poem by Brendan Maguire

September 20, 2020 0

On this day in 1920, Balbriggan was burnt by the Black and Tans in what is known as The Sack of Balbriggan. The tragic events of the sack of Balbriggan by Black And Tans have left an unforgettable memory on the town. Brendan Maguire has written this poem as a tribute to the lives lost on that tragic day. You can listen to the poem by clicking on the play icon or read the words below…


In September 1920 is when it all began
The town of Balbriggan was burnt by the Black and Tans
Revenge for the Burkes who were shot early that day
The lorries rolled in from the barracks to loot their wayLike an army of ants, they jumped to the ground
Blinded by their mindless ways like a pack of hounds
Fires burning, you can imagine the total fear
The people of Balbriggan must have endured

Houses pubs and factories were lit with intent
Then they dragged Gibbons and Lawless to Quay Street
And beat them unto death

A plaque marks the spot
Of a memory and a shrine
That when we look, we’ll not forget,
They’ll always be on our minds.

Brendan Maguire, 17.09.2020

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