Have you seen Japanese Knotweed in your area?

September 20, 2019 0

Fingal County Council is seeking the public’s assistance in curbing the spread of Japanese knotweed. The local authority is asking the public to record all sightings of Japanese knotweed on public and private property in order to find any remaining stands that have not been recorded so far.

japanese knotweed LARGERJapanese Knotweed was first introduced to Ireland as a garden plant from Japan in the 19th century. It escaped from gardens and has now spread across Ireland. This invasive species can seriously undermine the structural integrity of roads and buildings.

In Fingal, the plant can be found throughout the county but is particularly abundant in Balbriggan. Fingal County Council is keen to eradicate this invasive species. 184 locations have been identified so far and a treatment program got underway in 2018 with the aim to eradicate the Japanese knotweed from the county.

All sightings of Japanese Knotweed in Fingal can be submitted to the County Council by email to biodiversity@fingal.ie. The Council is asking the public to include a map or a precise location of the stand and ideally include a picture of the plant to confirm if it is Japanese Knotweed.

Not sure if you are dealing with Japanese Knotweed? Check out the identification pictures HERE