SS Peter & Paul JNS officially opens their new Sensory Corridor

June 18, 2019 0

For the last few months, SS Peter and Paul JNS have been busy creating a sensory space that can be used and enjoyed by all their students. Sensory spaces can improve skills such as balance and hand-eye coordination, but they can also be used purely as a fun treat! That is what the staff wanted to achieve, so one of their talented teachers, Mrs Heffernan, together with their fantastic Student Council, brainstormed ideas on how to create such a space.

They decided to transform a plain, white hallway into a Jungle themed sensory corridor. The Student Council, which is comprised of students from Junior Infants up to Second Class, came up with the idea of the Jungle theme. They wanted the area to become more colourful and child friendly so firstly the doors were painted in bright, vibrant colours. By doing so it enables the children to easily identify the location of the various classrooms.

Sensory equipment was then added such as dome mirrors, a bubble lamp and fine motor wooden games. They then set about transforming the bare walls. Local artist Alison O Grady sketched and painted the jungle scene onto the walls, then both herself and Mrs Heffernan painted lots of jungle creatures to bring the scene to life.

The last task was to create a sensory pathway on the floor. Local company “Retink Graphics” printed and installed the design, which again has a jungle theme to it. The sensory pathway incorporates a range of gross motor activities that enables the students to get moving whilst also having fun.

Once completed, they had an official opening of their new sensory space on Monday 17th June. Representatives from the Local Council, Board of Management, Parents Association, St Molagas’, members of the Student Council and the staff were all in attendance.The Principal, Ms Whelan, thanked everyone for coming and thanked Mrs Heffernan and the Student Council for all their hard work. The only thing left to do was for Mrs Heffernan to cut the ribbon, which she gladly did and welcomed everyone in to the “Jungle” to explore it for themselves!

It is hoped their new Sensory Corridor will capture the imaginations of all current and future students in the years ahead.