St Molaga’s Senior National School Biodiversity Day

April 15, 2016 0

St Molaga’s Senior National School have been working towards their 5th Green School Flag. They already have been awarded a Green Flag for their work on Reducing, Recycling and Reusing litter, Water Conservation, Energy Conservation and Travelling to School by bike or on foot. This year and last year they have been working on achieving the Green Flag for Biodiversity.

The Green School Committee have been working really hard on make the school grounds more bio-diverse.

Every class has been involved and they have worked lots of activities throughout the year: bulb planting,  tree planting,  growing vegetables and herbs.  composting, building bug hotels bird feeders picking up litter, etc

Today all the classes came together to showcase all that they had learnt about biodiversity and present their projects. There was a huge variety of projects on show including a bird’s nest, animals, plants and of course a project about Bee’s (the school’s logo).

Well done to all the teachers and children, it was a great display.