St Teresa’s Primary School 40th anniversary Opening Evening

March 16, 2016 0

St Teresa’s Primary School held an open evening for past pupils and staff to celebrate the school’s 40th anniversary on Tuesday 15th March. St. Teresa’s primary school opened in October 2015 and the new building housed sixteen classrooms.  Mrs Mary Durkan was appointed Principal and Mrs. Rhone Ivoery was appointed Vice-Principal.  Two prefabs were erected on the school grounds to accommodate the fifty five new entrants.  Ruth Guildea of Derham park was the first girl enrolled and David Cronin, Dublin Street was the first boy.

st_theresas_nsSt Teresa’s was built in response to the growing population of the town particularly in the areas of Fancourt Heights, Hampton Cove and Pinewood.  From 1975 to present day some 3,000 students have passed through the doors of St. Teresa’s and over 150 staff have come to work at the school.  The school currently has 430 pupils covering 13 nationalities and 10 religions.  Diversity is welcomed at St. Teresa’s.  The actual building at St. Teresa’s has had numerous incarnations over the last 40 years.  From the humble beginnings of the two initial prefabs and some newly built permanent classrooms the physical structure has changed a number of times.  One thing that is most important to the school is the spirit of the school continues to be very strong and vibrant.

The dedicated staff who put the children first and go the extra mile which has distinguished St. Teresa”s over the years, is still evident in the school today.  Cooperation between parents and the school is increasingly developing so that both the school and the parents are working together to ensure that each and every pupil get the very best education.  The first 40 years have been a positive and successful journey for everyone and the school looks forward with pride and anticipation to the next forty.