Student showcase their business ideas at the Fingal Youth Enterprise Market

December 18, 2017 0

The ‘Fingal Youth Enterprise Market’ is providing an opportunity for Fifteen of the Young Student Entrepreneur’s at 2nd, 4th and TY level to showcase their business ideas, complete live market research, whilst selling their products to the public.  Two schools from Balbriggan, Balbriggan Community College and Loreto Balbriggan showcased as part of the LEO Student Entrepreneur .

Bank of Ireland held its first enterprise town in Swords back in 2016. They hosted this event in the Atrium County Hall in Fingal Co Council and as a result it forged a relationship that they have been building ever since.

Fingal LEO has the largest Student Enterprise Programme (SEP) in the country. Last year, of the 22,000 students who took part across the country – more than 10 % of them took part from Fingal schools. This year the programme continues to grow, with over 2,500 secondary school students across Fingal currently operating around 800 enterprises.  Looking at our Market and where we could add most value the idea for the Fingal Youth Enterprise Market was born.

As Ireland’s largest lender, and with 250 branches nationwide, Bank of Ireland is a core part of the communities we serve. Through our Enterprise Town programme we want to invigorate and re-energise communities, support the development of smaller communities at both business level and in the wider context, incorporating schools, sports, social and charitable associations

At Bank of Ireland we see it is our responsibility to be the Enablers for Growth, provide the catalyst for change and inspire a generation.

So we took the Enterprise town template and replaced the established businesses and simply replaced them with a showcase of Fingal’s Young Entrepreneurs. Bank of Ireland through our Enterprise town platform provided students an opportunity to showcase their products, complete live research and enable them to engage with the general public in a way they had never been given before.

We began working on the project back in July ahead of the 2017/18 academic year establishing out of the 48 schools across Fingal how many we would showcase and it all stems from there. Using the ET template it made it easy to create to template for how the day would run and also how we could also celebrate all the other wonderful talent that these schools also had to offer, such as the school choirs and dance crews. The school communities across Fingal are a vital part of the fabric of what we do every day. Our challenge as a bank is how we can support business from the ground up and the Youth Market was a perfect way for us to inspire ,support and really encourage the business owners of the Future to grow and flourish.

Fingal Youth Enterprise Market’ provided an opportunity for 15 of the Young Student Entrepreneur’s at 2nd,4th and TY level not only did they showcase their business but they were Selling their products to the public. Only 7 Bizworld Enterprises were selected to showcase alongside the LEO (Fingal Co Co Enterprise programme) students.