rockabill lighthouse

Reimagine Rockabill

0 January 18, 2019

Patricia Langon has launched a new website called Reimagine Rockabill. Rockabill is a group of two islands, “The Rock” and “The Bill”, lying in the western Irish Sea about 6 kilometres east-north-east of Skerries. The larger island is home to the Rockabill Lighthouse which is owned by the (more…)


Two killer whales spotted off Rockabill

0 November 19, 2018

Two killer whales were spotted on Saturday off Rockabill lighthouse by fishermen.  The whales were approximately 6 miles east of Rockabill hunting on what crew felt were either seals or harbour porpoise. The Irish Whale and Dolphin Group says it is the second killer whale sighting since 30th (more…)


Friends of Autism/ADHD to fund a number of assessments

0 November 15, 2018

Friends of Autism/ADHD Ltd are delighted to once again be in a position to fund a number of Psychological Assessments for young people with possible ASD/ADD/ADHD. These Assessments will be conducted by Dr. Ann Prosser, Psy.D, licensed, certified Clinical Psychologist and consist of (more…)