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Local Author Releases Viking Book

0 September 14, 2021

Grace Tierney, an author writing in Stamullen, Meath, today releases her third book about the history of words. This time she’s exploring the influence of Old Norse and our Viking heritage on the English we speak today. Grace, a native of the Viking city of Dublin, who moved to the Meath (more…)


Way To Go St Mary’s Baton Twirlers!

0 May 4, 2017

The 25th National Baton Twirling Championships of the Association of Baton Twirling in Ireland were held on the 8th and 9th of April in Gormanston Park. The championships showcased the super talent that baton twirling has on offer in Ireland and St Mary’s Baton Twirlers had their most (more…)


Final of Glebe North Friendship Cup 2017

0 March 5, 2017

This afternoon Glebe North FC hosted three of the four finals for the Under 11 Glebe Friendship cup 2017. Three very entertaining and very tight matches for the 4th place between Rush Athletic  V Stamullen FC, for the 2nd place on a local derby between Glebe North  NDSL V Glebe North  DDSL, (more…)