Temporary Do not Swim Notices issued for Front Strand Balbriggan & Rush South Beach

July 7, 2021 0

Please be advised that Temporary Do not Swim Notices have been issued today for Front Strand Balbriggan (temporarily replacing the All Season Advisory) and Rush South Beach due to an increase in bacteria levels in the results of the bathing water samples taken on July 5th, 2021. The likely cause is urban and agricultural run-off. 

do_not_swim_noticeA resample was taken for Balbriggan Front Strand on the 7th July 2021 given early warning high E.Coli levels, with results due on Friday, 9th July 2021. Resamples scheduled for Rush South and Portrane on Thursday, 8th July 2021 with results due Sunday, 10th July 2021

All other identified bathing waters met the standard for “excellent” quality. The non-identified bathing water at Malahide Beach (constant red flag) met with “excellent” status also.

Front Strand Balbriggan and Rush South Beach remain open but beach users are asked to respect the ‘Do Not Swim’ notices as they have been put in place to ensure that the health of bathers is not compromised.

Members of the public can check for water quality at any of the monitored bathing waters in Ireland in advance by accessing the EPA website at www.beaches.ie or by checking the notice board at the entrance to each beach.