The Removal of Swords Fire Brigade Ambulance to have significant impact on Balbriggan and surrounding areas…

November 10, 2010 0

Swords Fire Brigade Ambulance responds to calls which the HSE are UNABLE to respond to – yes these calls are turned down by the HSE – frightening thought but you can help.

Responding to over 4,500 calls per annum, 30% of these calls are classed as Echo or Delta which are high priority! The Swords Fire Brigade has a crew of 45 officers and fire-fighters spread across 4 watches – all of these personnel are trained paramedics or advanced paramedics

The removal of the ambulance from Swords will have a significant impact on the people in the Fingal area and they need your help to stop this vital service from being removed. Show your support by joining the SAVE the Swords Ambulance facebook site