The Taylours Return to Ardgillan Castle

October 3, 2015 0

The Taylour family returned to the Drawing Room at Ardgillan Castle today, when one of the current generation of the famous family, Gwen Taylour was married there. Gwen married Mr. Michael Cotter and in attendance was Gwen’s dad Terence Taylour (who grew up in Ardgillan Castle) and mum Lindy along with family and friends.


Michael Cotter, Gwen, Terrence & Lindy Taylour

For 224 years the Taylour family lived in Ardgillan Castle, where the family members made quite an impact on the world, some of whom were soldiers, politicians and clergy.  Built in 1738 by Robert Taylour, the Dean of Clonfert, on land that was bought from Cromwellian soldiers by his grandfather Thomas Taylour, the previous century, Ardgillan has stood the test of time and avoided the hand of the destroyer over the years.

One of the most prominent Taylours was Marianne St Ledger Taylour, who lived at the castle from 1808 to 1859 and recorded her time there with a diary, which is preserved in the National Library, and which provides a wealth of information about the family activities in the castle.

Oftentimes, the family would put on plays in the same Drawing Room for visiting guests, echoing the fact that on Saturday the Taylours were surrounded by their guests in that same room, here in 2015.

The family sold the castle in 1962, when Basil Taylour decided to pass it on for others to look after the manorial estate. It was bought by the Council in 1982 and is now being run by Council agents, Ardgillan Castle Ltd. as a community amenity and tourist attraction.