Third-year students at Balbriggan Community College show appreciation to the school staff

April 14, 2021 0

The third-year students at Balbriggan Community College decided to show the staff how much they appreciated them. During online discussions in Wellbeing classes with their year head, the students highlighted their understanding of how the lockdowns were having their toll on the staff and wanted to know how they could give back. They chatted away and concluded that a little gift pack was required, but what do teachers need or use? A break, but how do they give teachers a break in these challenging times in the form of a gift?

Balbriggan Community College students staff appreciation apr21 2Could they do cakes, and coffee but there again was the ever-present covid restrictions, so they had to think smaller. The discussion soon moved on to the idea of sustainability and the environment and whether providing tea and coffee for 70+ staff in disposable cups would be environmentally sound.

They decided to approach Irish company 2GoCups to purchase the mugs after seeing them available in local coffee shop Cabana, and much to their delight the company’s CEO Kevin Murphy was only too happy to help them acknowledge the staff’s efforts, by donating the cups.

Balbriggan Community College students staff appreciation apr21These cups paired with the much-needed chocolate that would accompany the cuppa combined in individual packs along with a personalised card became the end goal. They then upped their game by adding lanyards for the masks, individual sanitizer bottles, and a destress card from

Along with the individual packs, there was a tea and coffee hamper for the staffroom to give staff something to put in their new cup.

A big well done to all the students involved!