A treat for stargazers as Perseid meteor showers to peak this weekend!

August 11, 2017 0

The Perseid meteor shower which occurs between July and August is set to peak this weekend when shooting stars will shine at their brightest above skies all around the world.  Astronomers say the phenomenon which has been described as spectacular sight occurs when the Earth ploughs through debris trailing behind the Swift-Tuttle comet, which then creates a spectacular meteor shower that displays about 80 shooting stars every hour.

meteorIt is expected the Perseid shower will peak this on Saturday August 12th and it will remain visible (weather permitting) until Monday. The Perseids are bits and pieces of cosmic dust and debris left in the orbital path of Comet Swift-Tuttle.

The best viewings will be in the early hours  of Aug. 11, Aug. 12, and Aug. 13. It doesn’t matter where you live.

So keep your eye on the sky’s this weekend for a change to see the year’s most spectacular meteor shower…