Update Primary Care Centres in Balbriggan & Swords

May 19, 2015 0

Brendan Ryan. Labour Party TD for Dublin Fingal received a reply to a Parliamentary Question requesting an update on the provision of two primary care centres in North County Dublin, one in Balbriggan and one in Swords. The response received from the HSE read as follows:

Balbriggan: Delivery of a Primary Care Centre for Balbriggan will be via Operational Lease. The Preferred Provider for Balbriggan Primary Care Centre is currently reviewing tenders received for the construction of the project and it is expected that works will start in the next two months.


Brendan Ryan TD

Swords: The HSE did select a preferred provider for Swords Primary Care Centre and Planning Permission was granted in March 2014 for the site selected, we are aware however, that this site has recently been sold. The HSE are now awaiting an update from the Preferred Provider regarding this project

Ryan “I welcome the news that construction for the Balbriggan centre will begin very shortly and I will continue to pressure the Minister with regards to Swords. The rolling out of Primary Care Centres throughout the country is a pillar of this Government’s health agenda and it is vital Fingal is not left behind”.