Here are some videos from Balbriggan over the years. Where there is more than one video in the series, the videos are sorted into playlists for ease of viewing. To view more videos in a playlist  click on the playlist drop down list on the top left corner of the video player to see the full list of videos in a playlist.

Balbriggan’s Got Talent 2016

Balbriggan – A Bird’s eye view

Balbriggan’s Got Talent 2015 (3 videos)

Balbriggan Breakaway Festival 1993 (3 videos)

Balbriggan’s Got Talent 2014 (2 videos)

The Battle of Balbriggan 2012 (3 videos)

Balbriggan Community Safety Week 2011

Balbriggan Autumn Jazz 2011

Balbriggan Foodfest 2011

Nitrogen Balbriggan 2011 (4 videos)