Wallet with Sentimental Items Stolen from Car in Balbriggan Last Night

April 15, 2015 0

We received an email from a resident whose car was broken into last night in Hampton Green. A wallet was stolen from the car which contained family photographs that meant a lot to the owner including photos of deceased family members.  There was also a sum of cash in the wallet but the owner is more upset about the personal items.  Can we please ask for everyone to keep an eye out for the wallet or check in your wheelie bins to see if it was thrown into it.

The owner would really love to get the photos back.  There was also an engagement ring which has a lot of sentimental value stolen from the car. If anyone is offered a ring for sale please contact Balbriggan Gardai on 01 8412202  –  It is a white gold solitaire ring.
There was also a grey and blue striped mans t-shirt and bananas taken from the car!

Please ensure that you are vigilant and keep an eye out for any suspicious activity around the area and make sure to report any suspicious activity to  the Gardai.

community_alert_signAt the recent Joint Community Policing Forum Public meeting stats show an increase in car break-ins of 49% in the last year (figures Mar’14 – Mar’14) . 

No one has any right to enter your car, whether it is open or not, so please make sure to report ALL crimes to the Balbriggan Gardai at 01 8412202

Based on the above we are calling on all residents and visitors to please ensure that NOTHING is left in your car which can be sold on i.e. cameras, phones, wallets, purses and even small change. If there is nothing in the car for the thieves to take they will stop looking!