Water crisis in Skerries highlights planning and infrastructure failings – Ryan

June 13, 2018 0

Brendan Ryan, Labour Party TD and Skerries resident has stated that the water crisis in Skerries has highlighted a planning and infrastructure crisis   Ryan “The people of Skerries have experienced great hardship with the collapse of the water service over the past week. Whilst the restrictions in supply are now somewhat lifted, the lifting comes with a caveat that they could be reapplied should the need arise. This is very difficult for people with young children, older people, and people who are sick. The fragility of our water system is there for all to see. We saw it in Drogheda last year. We see it in many areas all over the country.”


Brendan Ryan TD

Ryan “Irish Water was tasked as a national utility to tackle and to fix our antiquated water infrastructure. They say the problem in Skerries is due to the low level in the Thomastown Reservoir due to the recent dry spell and a number of networking issue. I understand that it hasn’t rained in a couple of weeks but I don’t accept that as a reason in and of itself to cause the reservoir to drop to such a low level. I have lived in Skerries for 40 years, through numerous heatwaves and dry spells and never before have I seen such a catastrophic failure in our water system. I think the main issue lies in the category of other networking issues as referenced by Irish Water. Separate to the general water problem in Skerries associated with the levels in the Thomastown reservoir, there is a particular problem in the newer estates of Barnageeragh Cove and Hamilton Hill. These estates were granted planning permission and built in recent years. The tests for water capacity and water security should have been rock solid. Obviously they were not. We need an immediate and long term solution”.