Wayne Cawley Completes Two Major Sporting Events covering 459 kms in 3 Weeks!

June 23, 2012 0

Local man Wayne Cawley has been training hard over the last few months. Having completed Ironman Nice on Sunday 27th July 2010 and Ironman South Africa on 10th April 2011, Wayne decided to push himself even further this year by completing in two major sporting events covering a total of 459 kms in 3 weeks

Starting off with Ironman Lanzarote covering 226 km and 3 weeks later competing in Enduroman UK which covered a further 233km this is not for the faint hearted.

Here Wayne tells us his story gives us an insight into what it’s like to compete in these very challenging events in what I’m sure you will agree is a riveting read.

A BIG Well done to Wayne on his fantastic achievements and watch this space for what’s next for Balbriggan’s Tripple Ironman and Enduroman!!

Ironman, Lanzarote – Distance: Swim 3.8 kms, Bike – 180 kms, Run – 42.2 Kms


Starting at the end of May with Ironman Lanzarote, otherwise known as the Devils Ironman due to its brutal bike course and hot conditions I had trained hard especially for the bike, even going to Lanzarote in March to train on the course and a few visits to the Wicklow Mountains. I was happy with my preparation, always thinking I should do more but that’s natural.

mirador_del_rio_lanzaroteOn race day I felt good, my swim was about 2 mins of my best but the sea current in last kilometer picked up so I came out of water feeling good and looking forward to bike. I felt very strong on the bike the first 40 miles, passing a lot of athletes, then things started to even out.

I knew it was all about the middle of the bike section as this could make or break you!. It gradually became hotter and I could taste the salt leaving my body. We started to climb the first major mountain of two. As we were climbing a cloud was sweeping over the summit and you know your reaching a high altitude when the clouds are passing beneath you. I was glad to get to the top of it but it felt longer than it did in training and my effort was much greater.

I looked forward to the descent, hitting speeds of 70km’s an hour, definitely not for the faint hearted, but as soon as you get to the bottom it’s back up another mountain – Nirador del Rio. Now this was cruel and the pain on everybody’s face was evident . I got there but suffered greatly (thinking like you do a thousand times during the race) that’s it I’m quitting, but you just keep thinking do another mile then see…

wayne_cawley_supportersWith 20km to go on bike I got a puncture, I won’t lie I was kind of relieved to get off the bike, I sorted it and headed back to transition were there were great crowds and I actually looked forward to the marathon.

Not long into the marathon I wasn’t feeling as good as I had been during training (were I was flying in my running!), but it’s 30 degrees, going up and down mountains all day and a 4km swim takes its toll, then my stomach became very bloated due to eating power bars and gels all day. I was in some discomfort and during one of the 10km laps my sister Danielle gave me some Neurofen and it wasn’t long before I felt good again, even running the last 10km quicker than the previous 30

It was a very emotional finish for me, my family and friends had travelled to Lanzarote to see me compete and of course to come over the finish line with my kids waiting was an amazing experience that I wont forget and I’m sure they won’t either…

Enduroman, UK – Distance: Swim 3.9 km, Bike – 187 km , Run – 42 miles

enduroman_logoYes, I must be daft to do it all again 3 weeks later, I hadn’t done alot since Lanzarote as my body simply wouldn’t let me, so off to the UK to compete in Enduroman. Enduroman is a completely different event as it never stopped raining. Enduroman had people that complete 10 ironmans in 10 days, ultra runners 100 miles and double Ironmen (who do double the distance all at once – cycle and run from one day to the next ) you have got to see it to believe it, as a mate said to me its like a concentration camp for athletes – Agreed!

wayne_on_bikeWhat makes Enduroman so hard is that the swim involves 13 laps – 350 metres, the run is eleven 10 mile laps, roads not closed,and the real ducey 1.1mile laps x 24 around a forest trail either up or down, a complete head wrecker!

I swam a personal best by 8 minutes – 1hr 16mins and felt super, got onto the bike and the first two laps fantastic, then I got my first puncture, here we go again. It was just at the turnabout at the lap stage so a few guys fixed it and I used the time to eat. Off I went again, feeling good even though it was raining I was well used but it was such the opposite of Lanzarote. Every lap I would grab a drink or call for food to my friend John Comerford who had travelled over to assist me during the Enduroman as you are left to fend for yourself at this event. I was in around the top 5 or so when yes another puncture, I was struggling to change it as the tube was different , thats when something actually quite amazing happened.

A guy seen that I was struggling and stopped to helped me sort out my puncture – It was David Miles who had completed 9 Ironman in the last 10 days and was on his last Ironman, David is second overall in what is the World Champions. David went on to finish second over all in the Deca Ironman and during the marathon we got to talk a fair bit, what a man!

waynes_swim_capsOne mile laps of a marathon course up and down through muck, tree roots, around and around was a complete head melt. It was lashing rain now. It was so hard and all that was on course was literally zombies, deca ironmen, ultra runners who started the previous day at 2. It’s now Sunday evening, everybody was shattered and I was hoping to finish before the Ireland vs Croatia match, better off running around in the muck I think!

I eventualy finished after about fout sets of clothes and five pairs of socks like a drowned rat, I was shattered after this mentally demanding race while Lanzarote was more physical.

I would like to thank my sponsors www.Balbriggan info, Francis J. Woods – Accountants, Devlins Cycle Store and Profitness without whose help this would not be possible…

So next time you think that there is something you can’t achieve, think again!

If you, or someone you know has a great story to tell let us know by email us at info@balbriggan.info