Winding Back Time to Remember Paddy Dunphy

January 21, 2014 0

Two of the participants in the protest against the Balbriggan Library last week were Bernadette and Laura Dunphy. The ladies had a great story to tell as their late father Paddy Dunphy was responsible for keeping the clock on the library tower ticking during the 50’s and 60’s.

paddy_dunphyPaddy was a car mechanic all his life and was also a well known character in the town. Paddy was paid the princely sum of five pounds per year to ensure that the clock was kept on time for the towns people.

bernadette_and_laura_dunphyBernadette and Laura had very fond memories of going to the library with their father and found it most intriguing as their father climbed the big wooden ladder which was used to gain access to the clock tower from the library. There was a trapdoor in the library ceiling leading into the clock tower and the two girls held the ladder while their father climbed up to the clock. There were 4 weights, one for each clock face, which were used to wind the clock.

Paddy was paid yearly and the payment came in just before Christmas. Whilst five pounds seems a small sum today back then it was considered a lot of money.

Paddy passed away in 1977 but the memories he has left behind will forever stay! A big thanks to Bernadette and Laura for sharing their story