Works begin on two Balbriggan Playgrounds

October 19, 2019 0

Works has now begun on two Balbriggan Playgrounds in Balbriggan. The playgrounds will be located at Quay Street and Bandstand Park Balbriggan. A key element of the project brief was that the design of the playgrounds reflected and complimented the character of each site while also providing natural play opportunities for children. The importance of Community has been to forefront in providing a playground design that will meet the local needs.

The playground at Quay Street will feature a theme to fit in with the nearby train station. It will feature a train engine, dining car and passenger carriage, train station ticket office, mini viaduct, hill slide and and ability roundabout

The playground at Bandstand Park will feature a ship muliplay unit, double swing frame with basket seat and two flat seats, a water play feature, sand digger, sand play unit, hill slide along with sand digger and sand play unit.

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