YouthBank Fingal Call for Projects by young people in Balbriggan

January 23, 2019 0

Applications are invited to support innovative projects by young people between 10 – 25 years. A programme where Young People give real money to Young People’s projects to benefit Fingal. The programme is managed by YouthBank Fingal and powered by The Kebam in partnership with Foróige Flemington and Progressive Credit Union Balbriggan.

The YouthBank Fingal Grant Programme (YBFGP)

youthbank_fingal_grant_programmeA programme where Young People give real money to Young People’s projects to benefit Fingal. The is designed to promote young people’s creativity and abilities to innovative and develop projects that positively impact and enhance Fingal community. Projects developed must fully meet our committee priorities for this grant round as described in section 2 below. Grant award for this programme must originate and be Youth-led but can jointly be implemented under the supervision or assistance of an adult leader acting as a tutor, mentor, facilitator or general support to catalyze the process.

Purpose of YouthBank Fingal Grant Programme

The purpose of YBFGP is to is to be a ‘BANK’ of personal development which build young people’s self-esteem and confidence, providing them with opportunities to learn new skills in leadership, teamwork, decision-making, problem-solving, communication, empathy development, negotiation, report-writing, presentation skills, event management, interview skills and use their ingenuity to turn ideas into meaningful and useful projects that enhances life of people.

Definition of terms

Within YouthBank Fingal grant programme, the following terms refer to;

  • YBF – YouthBank Fingal, consist of a team of trained young people and their coordinator who manage the grant process.
  • The Kebam or YouthKebam – Empowers the whole process of grant making in partnership with the Irish Youth Foundation, Foróige and Progressive Credit Union.
  • YBFGP – YouthBank Fingal Grant Programme; defines the principles and process of the grant programme.
  • Grant Committee – refer to the team of young people responsible for the grant process; to include promotion of the programme, receipt of application, screening of application, interview process, decision on team(s) who get the award, issue of award, monitor and evaluate the process.
  • Grant Recipient – refer to the group of innovative young people 10 – 25 years, from Fingal who come up with ideas on how to resolve issues that affect young people and general public and require funds to implement their project.

Funding Criteria

During our reach around Fingal; in particular Balbriggan for our pilot grant round we discovered from talking with residents some pressing issues. Following a voting system as a committee we agreed the following priorities for this grant programme 2018/19:

  • Benches around Balbriggan Streets: To include actual purchase of benches by young people finishing with your stamp, Painting of existing benches around Balbriggan beaches or any other innovative ideas that will require funding is welcome.
  • Skateboard Park: There is currently no skateboard for young people to play in Balbriggan. Example projects may be awareness programmes, lobbying or debate team etc any ideas that need funds.
  • Free Basketball for Young people: Any ideas to help young people get a chance to a local basketball court, raise teams etc and need funding.
  • Young People Indoor Activities: With the winter months, how do young people engage and network? What do you need money for? What indoor game can you think of to keep your group motivated, to keep fit, learn a new skill, Etc.
  • Any ideas that need funding?

Get thinking, planning and approach YouthBank Fingal for Funds.

Design your project and approach YoungBank Fingal with a proposal by filling out an official application form describing your team, your project and what you need money for.

Funds available to Recipients

Grant award for this round can finance projects up to €500.

Assessment Criteria

Applications will be assessed based on uniqueness of project in line with YouthBank’s principles, quality of project; value for money, demonstration of any support from other groups, organisation or adult leaders and impact to the community.

Terms and Conditions for accepting YouthBank Fingal Grant award

  • Your activities must take place within two (2) months of accepting this grant.
  • You must not make any changes to the grant without informing and in agreement with YBF.
  • You must retain all receipts and keep record of how your YBF Grant is being used.
  • If you make any publicity, we ask that you mention that you have been supported by YouthBank Fingal, The Kebam, Irish Youth Foundation, Foróige and the Progressive Credit Union.
  • Members of YBF will from time to time ask for updates on the progress of your project.
  • On completion of your project, you will be asked to fill in and return a short feedback and finance form to tell YBF about your project, who benefitted and how the grant was spent. You will need to attach receipts for each of the items you paid for, even when they involve small amounts.
  • YBF must be informed immediately of any incidents involving misuse of funds.
  • YBF must be informed immediately of any change in your circumstance include a change in group leadership that may affect the implementation of your project.
  • YBF may publicize details of YBF grants including this one, as well as information supplied on the impact of your grant.
  • YBF ask that you take part in any YouthBank external evaluations if requested

*Please note that due to the competitive nature of the programme, eligibility and compliance with application procedures alone do not guarantee receipt of an award.


The grant award for this period is expected to be completed by Friday 14th February 2019.

What happens next

  • Successful applicants invited to interview
  • Successful interviewee invited to collect cheque
  • Cheques are issued
  • Contract signed
  • Young people complete their projects
  • Evaluations and Reports are sent to YouthBank Fingal
  • The Grant process ends by 21st May
  • You get invite to YBF AGM in June.

Who can apply

  • Any young person between 10 – 25 years
  • Two or more Young people in a group
  • The group must be based in Balbriggan
  • If oldest in group is under 18, you will need support of an adult leader.
  • If your group require equipment, we recommend appropriate insurance in place, appropriate garment etc.

Application procedure

All grant recipient applications must be made on the official application form OR online application and signed by the group leader. The application form must be submitted along with any accompanying information

The deadline for receipt of application forms is 5pm, Friday 14th February 2019.

Applications will not be accepted after the deadline.

Accompanying Information

Please enclose any additional information in support of your application.

Send Completed form to:

YouthBank Fingal,
Castlemill Education Centre Flemington
Co. Dublin.

Email: (with the title: YouthBank Fingal Grant Programme 2018/19)

Selection Process

The YouthBank Fingal Committee are trained on the YouthBank principles and judging criteria to make inclusive and fair decisions throughout the process. The Coordinator oversee the process.

Notice of Decision

Successful applicants will be notified within two weeks of the deadline by email and or a call. Cheque will be issued, and contract signed.

Follow up

YBF team will from time to time call to see that you are making progress or to identify any support you might need to complete your project.


Successful grant recipients may be required to attend trainings. There is support clinics available should you require.

Receipts and Documents

Grant recipients must retain all receipts and keep record of how the YBF Grant was used. Documents and photographs taken at different stages throughout the project may be included.


On completion of your projects, YBF will require you give a written/ online feedback on the application and assessment process. You will receive notice to online survey by May 2019.

Thank you for participating.
YouthBank Fingal Team.

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